20 May 2016 – Daily Current Affair Capsule PDF Download

///20 May 2016 – Daily Current Affair Capsule PDF Download

The Current Affair Capsule is a brief collection of all news of the day. ExamPariksha.com makes a list all important news points day to day.

National News Important Current Affairs Update – 20 May 2016

ExamPariksha publishes day to day current affairs capsule covering relevant fact based daily news to cover all important happening and developments in the National sphere in this section. Here is a sincere attempt to cover all important topics for such scenarios from today’s current news.

☀ The Met Department has warned of heavy rain in coastal Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Gangetic West Bengal under the influence of the tropical cyclone ‘Roanu.  The Roanu, has been spotted at about 160 km south-southwest of Visakhapatnam, is likely to move northeastwards along Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coasts.

☀ The results for the election process to the four state assemblies and one Union Territory have been declared.

  • Assam : BJP creates history by winning absolute majority in Assam with its allies. BJP is set to form government in Assam for the first time.
  • West Bengal : Trinamool Congress retains power. It has crossed the two-third mark by winning 211 seats in the 294 member assembly.
  • Tamil Nadu : AIADMK Chief J. Jayalalitha has made history by becoming the first sitting Chief Minister in 32 years to be voted back for 2nd consecutive term. Her party bagged 134 seats out of 232 seats.
  • Kerala : The Left Front returns in Kerala after it dethrones Congress-led UDF by bagging 85 of the 140-seats. While BJP opens account in the state.
  • Puducherry : Congress-DMK alliance wins majority with 17 seats in a 30 member Assembly  .

☀ An army team, led by Lt Colonel Ranveer Jamwal from Jammu and Kashmir, has scaled the Mount Everest. This is first time after the Nepal Earthquake.

☀ The Union Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar has said that the government wants to reduce import dependence in defence sector to below 40 percent from the present 60-65 percent in the next 5-8 years through Make in India.

☀ The Centre is revising the rehabilitation of bonded labour scheme, bringing it into the Central sector, with plans to raise financial assistance to 1 lakh.

  • At present, the government provides Rs 20,000 as financial assistance for rehabilitating a bonded labourer.
  • There are about 1 million bonded labourers in the country, most of whom are dalit farmers.
  • The scheme now be a central sector scheme and the rehabilitation cost per labour under the scheme will be equally borne between the Centre and state.
  • Who is a bonded labour? Bonded labour, also referred as debt bondage or debt slavery, is a person’s pledge of their labour or services as security for the repayment a debt or other obligation. The services required for repaying the debt are generally undefined which leads to huge exploitation.

☀ The Ministry of Urban Development has asked 28 States to take immediate and necessary action to convert 3,784 Census Towns into statutory Urban Local Bodies in order to promote planned urban development.

  • Why convert? This is necessary for planned and coordinated infrastructure development, increase in revenues and efficient delivery of services to citizens. Conversion of Census towns into statutory ULBs entitle states for Central assistance as per the 14th Finance Commission.
  • What is a census town? A Census Town is an area with urban characteristics
    • a minimum population of 5,000 people
    • at least 75% of the male working force engaged in non-agricultural activities
    • population density at least 400 persons per sq.km.
    • As per 2011 Census, there are 3,784 Census Towns as compared to 1,362 in 2001.
  • What is a statutory townA Statutory Town is urban area with a municipality, corporation, cantonment board or notified town area committee. As per 2011 Census, there are 4,041 such towns as compared to 3,799 in 2001.

International News Daily Current Affair Capsule – 20 May 2016

Questions about International Relations (IR) are often asked from current affairs capsule in interviews, written exams conducted by various recruiters. The following international news has important daily current affairs which you must know as an aspirant for exams conducted by UPSC and State PSCs.

☀ A joint U.S.-Australian military research team has successfully tested the Hypersonic technology (Mach 5 and above) in the Australian desert. The research team sent a scramjet attached to a rocket booster to an altitude of 172 miles (278km) at Mach 7.5 (seven times the speed of sound).

  • The programme is called Hypersonic International Flight Research Experimentation (HIFiRE) — where scientists are developing an engine that can fly at Mach 7.
  • HiFiRE is made up of a scramjet engine attached to a rocket booster.
  • Scramjet is a supersonic combustion engine that uses oxygen from the atmosphere for fuel, which makes it lighter and faster than fuel-carrying rockets. This is helpful for flying at hypersonic speed – Mach 5 and above.
  • How it works? These engines have no moving parts. Air is compressed and expanded by complex systems of shockwaves under the front of the aircraft, inside the inlet and under the fuselage at the rear.
  • Potential uses of Hypersonic technology: It could revolutionise global air travel, providing cost-effective access to space. For instance, it could cut travelling time from Sydney to London (17,000-km) to two hours. This will also be helpful as an alternative to a rocket for putting satellites into space.

☀ Indian-American student, Syamantak Payra won Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award for developing a low-cost electronically-aided knee brace that allows a person with a weakened leg to walk more naturally.

☀ A massive search is underway for the wreckage of an EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board. It was enroute from Paris to Cairo. Egyptian authorities say it could be an act of terrorism.

☀ India has proposed an oil-for-drugs barter plan with cash-strapped Venezuela to bring back millions of dollars in payments owed to some of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies. This payment mechanism would allow Venezuela to repay some of the amount owed with its oil. The plan is now awaiting approval from the Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank of India, which regulates such payments.

Economics News Today’s Current Affair Capsule – 20 May 2016

The following economics current news update has all important economy news for exams. These will also help in developing a better understanding of Economy.

☀ The Market regulator SEBI has made it mandatory for Participatory note (P note) users to follow Indian anti-money laundering law and report any suspicious transactions immediately.

☀ The Global rating agency, Moody’s has forecast a growth rate of about 7.5 percent for the Indian economy in 2016-2017. This will be driven largely by private consumption growth. Moody’s said the prevailing low headline inflation is expected to continue.

☀ A Kolkata-based public sector yard Garden Reach Ship Builders (GRSE) has emerged as the lowest bidder to supply two warships to the Philippines Navy. This is likely to boost India’s defence exports in a region of strategic importance.

  • Note that: India exported its first warship to Mauritius in December 2014, an offshore patrol vessel, CGS Barracuda, built by GRSE at a cost of Rs.350 crore.
  • GRSE is also set to supply four patrol vessels to Vietnam under the $100 million line of credit extended by India in 2014.

Sports News Current Affair Capsule – 20 May 2016

The following important current affairs capsule about sports news are relevant from exam point of view. Questions might appear in upcoming banking and SSC CGL 2016 exam about the following.

☀ The Indian women’s badminton team has assured itself of at least a bronze medal after a comfortable 3-1 win over Thailand in the quarterfinals of the Uber Cup in Kunshan, China.

☀ The Five-time champion M C Mary Kom has defeated Sweden’s Juliana Soderstrom in her opening bout of the AIBA World Women’s Boxing Championships in Astana, Kazakhstan.


Usually examiners ask GA or current GK questions in personal interviews and exams focussing on recent events to check how informed you are. This is our contribution towards making students more aware of what to study and what to ignore in daily news. We hope this compilation of current affair capsule was useful for going through today’s important events. Please share your comments with us. Have a Good Day!

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