UPSC IAS Prelims Online Test Series - 2021

UPSC IAS Prelims Online Test Series

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Topic wise and full length online test series created by the India’s best UPSC experts for civil services preliminary exam.

  • Total Tests : 30 (GS + CSAT)
  • 15 Topic-wise Tests : For General Studies (Paper-I)
  • 10 Full Length Tests : For General Studies (Paper-I)
  • 5 Full Length Tests : For CSAT (Paper-II)
  • Question Type : Multiple Choice (MCQs) Objective
  • Language : English

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The Goal of our Prelims 2021 online test series is to ensure that you get enough practice and confidence before you appear for the preliminary exam. The online Test Series for UPSC Prelims -2021 has a unique multi level practice system that ensures you get at least 4-5 revisions. The test series is designed in such a way that both freshers and repeaters can evaluate their preparation for every given topic in the syllabus as well as cover the entire course many times.


Enrolment Process :

  1. Add to cart and checkout by making payment online via Debit / Credit Card or Net Banking. You can also deposit directly in ExamPariksha’s bank account (details on the checkout page) and inform us by email on (with your order number and payment details).
  2. After confirmation of successful payment on our end you will receive the username, password and other details within 12 hours by email and sms.
  3. If you have any query contact us at


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UPSC IAS Prelims 2021 Online Test Series Plan

Test No. Topics Covered To Study


Polity :

  • Constitution of India,
  • Political System
  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikant (Part 1 to 6)
  • 11th NCERT -Indian Constitution at Work
Polity :

  • Panchayati Raj,
  • Public Policy, Rights Issues etc.
  • Indian Polity by M Laxmikant (Part 7 to 10)
  • 11th NCERT -Indian Constitution at Work
  • 8th NCERT – Social and Political Life I
  • 9th & 10th NCERT- Democratic Politics I and II
 Test-3 Economy :

  • Indian Economic Development,
  • Macro Economics
  • Banking system
  • Tax structure
  • Public finances
  • External Sector
  • Security market in India, etc.
  • 9th NCERT – Understanding Economic Development
  • 12th NCERT – Macroeconomics (Unit 1, 2, 3, 5, 6)
  • 11th NCERT – Indian Economic Development
  • Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh (Chapter 7,8,11,12,16,17,18,24)
Physical Geography :

  • Physical Geography of India and World
  • 11th NCERT – Fundamental of Physical Geography
  • Goh Cheng Leong – Certificate Physical and Human Geography
  • 11th NCERT – India Physical Environment
Test-5 History :

  • Indian National Movement
  • Modern History
  • Spectrum’s A brief history of Modern India by Rajiv Ahir
  • Struggle for India’s Independence by Bipin Chandra
  • 12th NCERT – Themes in Indian History I
Test-6 Economy :

  • Economics and social development
  • Sustainable development, Poverty, Inclusion, Demographics,
  • Social sector initiatives etc.
  • Indian Agriculture
  • Industry
  • Employment
  • Economic Survey 2016-17
  • Budget
  • India Year book
  • 12th NCERT  – India People and Economy
Test-7 Environment :

  • Environmental ecology,
  • Bio-diversity and Climate change
  •  9th ICSE Environmental Studies
  • 10th ICSE Environmental Studies
  • 12th NCERT Biology  (Unit X)
  • 11th NCERT Chemistry (Chapter 14)
Test-8 History :

  • Indian Ancient history
  • Indian Medieval history
  • Indian Cultural history
  • Tamil Nadu History Textbook – Class XI
  • Themes in Indian History – I and II
  • Old NCERT – Ancient India by R S Sharma
  • Old NCERT – Medieval India by Satish Chandra
  • An Introduction to Indian Art – Class XI
  • Living Craft Traditions of India – Chapters 9 and 10 (Class XI)
  • CCRT – Art and Culture
Test-9 Science & Technology :

  • Defence
  • Space technology
  • Energy Resources
  • Biotechnology
  • IT communication
  • Everyday General Science
  • General Studies Manual by TMH ( S & T )
  • 8th, 9th, 10th NCERT Science
Test-10 Social and Economic Geography :

  • India and World
  • 12th NCERT – Fundamentals of Human Geography
Test-11 Full Environment Syllabus
  • Recommended Environment Books
Test-12 Full Economy Syllabus
  • Recommended Economy Books
Test-13 Full History Syllabus
  • Recommended History Books
Test-14 Full Polity Syllabus
  • Recommended Polity Books
Test-15 Full Geography Syllabus
  • Recommended Geography Books
Test-16 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Easy
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
Test-17 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Easy
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
Test-18 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Easy
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
 Test-19 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Medium
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
Test-20 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Medium
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
 Test-21 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Medium
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
 Test-22 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Hard
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
Test-23 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Hard
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
 Test-24 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Hard
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
 Test-25 Complete GS (Paper-1) Syllabus

  • Level : Hard
  • Recommended General Studies (GS) Books
Test-26 Complete CSAT (Paper-2) Syllabus

  • Level : Easy
  • Recommended CSAT Books
Test-27 Complete CSAT (Paper-2) Syllabus

  • Level : Easy
  • Recommended CSAT Books
Test-28 Complete CSAT (Paper-2) Syllabus

  • Level : Medium
  • Recommended CSAT Books
Test-29 Complete CSAT (Paper-2) Syllabus

  • Level : Medium
  • Recommended CSAT Books
Test-30 Complete CSAT (Paper-2) Syllabus

  • Level : Hard
  • Recommended CSAT Books



Sample Images

Online Test Series Sample - 1


Online Test Series Sample - 1


Online Test Series Sample - 1


Online Test Series Sample - 1



Is this test series bilingual or only in English ?

The UPSC prelims 2021 online test series is available only in English medium as of now. However we are working on to release Hindi translations very soon.


You have recommenced some Books, are they sufficient ?

In most cases YES, but you can always read more based on your performance in the tests and the topics where you fall short. Although keep in mind that you will memorise more by revising one book multiple times than reading multiple books just once.


I don’t see any current affairs in this test series ?

We provide monthly current affairs questions free of cost to all students on our online test portal. Make sure you solve them there till the last month before your exam. To maintain the freshness and relevance we include only limited number of current affair questions in paid test series.


I have made the payment for IAS Prelims online test series, but didn’t receive login details ?

You will receive your login details by email and sms within 12 hours of successful payment. If not, please contact the customer care at with your order number and payment details.


Is this test series also available Offline?

No the test series for UPSC prelims 2021 will be held online only. Online test series comes with added benefits such as ability to take the tests any-time any-where and you get the flexibility to take the tests on phones, tablets or PCs. You also get all India rank, instant result and solution with our online test series which is practically not possible in offline mode with this much flexibility.


How many times can I attempt the tests ?

You can attempts all the tests as many times as you want till 18th June 2021. Your progress and score will be saved for each attempt you make and thus allowing you to track your preparation even better.


Can I share the test series with my friends ?

No, sharing your login details or questions from our online test series with your friends or publicly will lead to getting your account disabled. No refunds will be made for such deactivated accounts.


Is there any Refund Policy ?

You can claim refund (minus transaction fee) if you don’t like our prelims test series within 7 days of enrolling, given that you have not attempted more than 3 tests. The refunds will only be issued to the claims made before 25th May 2021. ExamPariksha Enterprises hold all the rights regarding refund discretions.


How many questions will come in UPSC Civil Services Prelims 2021 exam from this test series ?

Probably all probably none. In the year 2017 we saw over 75% questions in official prelims exam directly or indirectly from our test series. We believe the trend will also continue this year however we make no guarantees.


24 reviews for UPSC IAS Prelims Online Test Series

  1. Momina Akhtar

    After researching in other sites I found test series by exampariksha as most reasonable and value for money. I hope these many tests will be enough to make me pass the pre 2019. So far its good going. Keep up!

  2. Alka

    Your schedule is good and doable. Questions have helped me revise the things I missed. I hope to qualify with my hard work. Thanks for the guidance.

  3. Akshay Dubey

    This test series is serving me good for revising the stuff that i cover. The team at is keeping me on my toes. Thank you guys for that.

  4. Lavesh

    UPSC like questions (I am a repeater) with very detailed explanations. Above all the exampariksha team is highly responsive and helpful.

  5. Bipin

    Test series is lucid and very much needed for the prelims, Just go for it. Sab Aspirants ko meri taraf se good luck…✌

  6. Ramanujam Reddy

    On the Internet there are a Huge no. of Brands which are providing online Test Series for upsc civil services 2019. May be all are Best at their own places.
    But i want to refer exampariksha’s online mock test Series, It is up to student if he/she wants to join it or not, from my experience I think this is best one.

  7. Arpit Shukla

    I was not very sure earlier about joining an online test series. I have always believed in practising with traditional pen and paper method but now i realize that taking test online is really very convenient and I am loving the way I can prepare at my home only and I don’t have to waste time in buses travelling around coaching centres.

  8. Harshal

    Not just a test series, but also comes with a complete plan to study regularly. Hope to clear upsc this year.

  9. Raghuveer Soni

    I have previously taken online tests from insights on india, forum ias, vision ias which were fine but not very comprehensive. This time I was thinking to try iasbaba but then I found and trust me guys this is by far the best test series for upsc prelims I have taken in last 2 years. Worth every penny. Fingers crossed, if I make to mains this year I will surely go for their mains test series as well.

  10. Tanvi

    Wonderful Test series for ias prelims. They have put a lot of effort to make all the questions, it is really visible when you attempt the tests. I like the way they only recommend reading NCERTs and standard books which are usually followed by most successful IAS aspirants. In short exampariksha is one stop destination for ias test series.

  11. Akansha Sharma

    Sir, can You also give printing option ?

    • ExamPariksha Team

      Hello Akansha, the test series is only available online. It is not possible for us to provide offline printed tests all over the India.
      Thank You.

  12. Krishna

    By far the best online test series available at present for UPSC pre. Bcoz
    1. Makes me read every chapter of NCERT text books thoroughly.
    2. Books and resources are recommended for each and every part of the syllabus.
    3. Test plan is great to stay disciplined and for revisions.
    4. Cheapest and worth the money.
    5. Lots of explanations.
    6. As already stated by many here, gives a feel of attempting real UPSC questions.

  13. Neha Agarwal

    I would rate it as: 4.5/5 :-)

    1. Questions are good and at par with UPSC Civil services Prelims.
    2. Detailed explanations where required in some ques
    3. Importance given to NCERT and Standard Books just like UPSC.
    4. Prepare from home (inside my razai)
    5. Less price than other test series

    1. Ques can be a little hard sometimes. I need to prepare more.
    2. App only available for android.

  14. Gaurav Saxena

    It helpd me a lot in actually understanding how ques can be asked from ncert and the hindu newspaper! Kudos to the team!

  15. Abhishek Singh

    Very useful. Its online but I felt like giving the real exam. Thanks a lot

  16. Manav

    Questions in this test series are a little harder than UPSC but give good practice for prelims…. It’s always better to over prepare than to under prepare.

  17. Kulbhushan Yadav

    I like how you can attempt these tests anywhere from laptop or on exampariksha mobile app.
    There was a live test yesterday .. and I scored 74/100 !!

  18. Nivedita Mehta

    Your sectional test are working good for my subject revisions. I realised my surface reading of physical geography ncert is not sufficient to answer questions. Thanks for giving these subject wise test or I would have been ignoring proper revision of topics. I plan to clear the forest cutoff in this prelims.

  19. Aparajita Sharma

    A very well planned and well laid out test series. Kudos! to the whole team…

    – Love the way you have planned out all the tests and also provided which books to read for each test
    – Questions are very relevant and framed the way upsc does. I cleared the prelims last year and I can totally vouch for the quality of questions in this test series.
    – Support is helpful and cordial. They even call to remind you when you don’t attempt your tests on time.

  20. Yogita Chopra

    Last year when I started my civil services preparation I just used to practice chapterwise and previous year questions. This time I am going with test series and so far I have kept myself pretty regular with all the test and I can actually feel the improvement in my performance.

    MOST IMPORTANT!!! Stay regular and attempt all the tests on time. Test series play important role in your selection but only if you use them wisely and regularly. Analyse your performance and know your weak areas where you have to give more effort…

  21. ChandraPrakesh

    Hi, I wud recommend this test series.

    Ques are little above upsc standard

    So, you will be prepared well even if paper comes hard this year. Best strategy.

  22. Piyush

    The test series completely prepared keeping in mind the exam pattern and course. You will find 100 questions in each test (attempted 5 so far). Give it a try friends. Keep sharing and exploring.

  23. Nitin Sharma

    In total you will be getting around 3-4 complete Revisions with 30 test papers which is a lot of practice before exam. I recommend you to start early to follow the test planner properly otherwise you will lag behind.

  24. Arvind Kumar

    The test series by ExamPariksha is one of the best ones available right now for UPSC prelims and the cost is also pretty reasonable .

    The questions are good although a little on the harder side and I like the way questions are carved out mostly from NCERTs. Its only due to this online test series that I am able to sincerely read the relevant NCERTs. It provids me the much needed motivation to complete my NCERTs reading and revisions.

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