The day of UPSC Civil Services Exam is always a nightmare for most students. As they approach the exam hall, their heartbeat rises, throat dries, their whole body begins to shiver and what not. Once the mind races to all the ‘What If(s)’, there is no calming your nerves in the exam hall. To be hit by exam stress inside the examination hall is the worst thing for any serious aspirant. It can lead to a potentially botched score, hence, every one of you must prepare to beat the stress on the CSP and CSM days.

The term ‘exam stress’ can be broadly defined as a feeling of anxiety over one’s performance, the results and reaction of parents and friends; all weigh upon students to create a pressure of this assessment.

The following methods have time and again worked for many in beating exam blues brilliantly in the exam hall.


Reach the examination hall 20 or 30 minutes earlier. This will give you adequate time to revise some important notes and find your hall on the noticeboard and to settle.

Stay Organized

Make sure, you are carrying all the essential material to the examination hall, like Pen suggested to carry an extra pen and don’t carry a mobile or any other gadgets because it is not allowed in the examination hall and chances are there you may lose your costly things.

Pay Attention

Always listen to self. Do not worry regarding others, don’t get interrupted by your peers, and don’t panic if you notice other writing hurriedly. Take it slow, mind your time and don’t hurry.

Stay Relaxed

As you enter the examination hall, take a deep breath and keep your mind and body relaxed. Try and think points and if you are feeling you’ve got forgotten some points then don’t panic as there is a probability of remembering things once you begin to write down.


Once you receive the question paper, rigorously read the questions. After reading the questions, set up some time and begin writing. Mark the questions that you are 100% sure you know the solution and try them 1st as this build your confidence. If you don’t know the answer to a selected question then don’t waste time on that as this will become a barricade in attempting different questions, therefore it is suggested to move on other questions.

Divide your time, structure it then accomplish writing answer. As we’ve mentioned in our previous article: Use 3-2-1-0 Elimination Method to Score High in UPSC IAS Prelims

Be Realistic

Plan to write realistically, write within the time you have got and grasp the amount of information and complexity you’ve got time for. Ensure to answer long and concise at the same yet complete rather than writing something generally and incomplete.

Cross Check

Finally, save the last 10-15 minutes to examine all your answers before submitting, Cross check your answers there may be probabilities that you just would have left some points in your answers which you’ll add.

Be Prepare for Disasters

If you can’t answer any specific question or realize that you simply misread the question and answered incorrectly don’t go completely blank and panic. Try to redo the answer, if possible.

These are some of the tips that you just can follow in the UPSC Examination Hall. Always keep out of nervousness because it could produce blunder and you’ll tend to forget whatever you have studied.

Stay positive and believe you’ll be able to make it and see how success works in your life ahead.

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