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The questions about the Indian Navy are asked in the navy recruitment exam specifically, but for other examinations in the defence sector, this information about the commands of Indian navy would be useful. As a proud Indian we should have knowledge of location of our prestigious Navy’s headquarters. This is expected to increase the knowledge about the defense of the country as well as help in answering questions in the exams as well.

Indian Navy:

Indian Navy functions as the deterrent to any threats or aggression against the territory or people of India. It also protects the maritime interests of India during the times of peace or war.

  • Navy Day is celebrated on 4th of December every year to commemorate the efforts of Indian Navy in the war of 1971 with Pakistan where The Navy sank three enemy vessels near Karachi in the Operation Trident.
  • The motto of the Indian Navy is “Shang no Varunah”. commands of indian navy
  • The President of India is the supreme commander of the Armed forces in India.
  • The Defence minister, who holds the rank of Cabinet minister in the government of India is the head of the Defenece Ministry which handles the administrative control of the Armed forces of the country.
  • The head of Indian Navy is known as The Chief of Naval Staff, who is an Admiral rank officer in the Navy.

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Commands of Indian Navy:

The Indian Navy is organised into three different commands for all three sides of water surrounding our Indian peninsula. Each of these commands is headed by Commanding-in-chief Flag Officer who has a rank of Vice Admiral.

  1. The Western Command – It is headquartered at Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. It covers the areas of whole western flank of Indian waters on the western side. In any event of conflict with Pakistan, the western command is bound to respond to it.
  2. The Southern Command – It is headquartered at Kochi in Kerala. It also has the Flag Officer Sea Training.
  3. The Eastern Command – It is headquartered at Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Vishakhapatnam is the only natural harbour of India.

The Eastern and Western Commands of Indian Navy have a Fleet that is commanded by a Rear Admiral, along with a Commodore commanding submarines. While the Southern Command is mainly for Flag officer sea training.

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Additionally, there is a unified tri-services command located at Andaman and Nicobar Islands. All three armed forces have a unified base at Port Blair since 2001.

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