Motivation, simply defined as a force that leads one to do actions in a direction so as to achieve his/her defined set of goals. Motivation is always directed towards some goal or object of need which the person tries to obtain and without it, all goals will be unachievable. It is like a bridge between our expectations, our wants and our final goal, till the time it’s there one can imagine the ultimate success coming his way. Once this link breaks there is nothing that can connect the two ends between our initial state and our goal state.


Source of Motivation

We often look in the outer world to find the reason for our motivation but the actual force lies inside us. The only thing is to awaken the force that lay dormant inside us and just needs some air to get ignited. Once the intrinsic force awakens, it may overpower all the extrinsic factors.

Here comes a question about the difference between extrinsic and intrinsic and as the words very well denote, extrinsic is something we find in the outer world, like some object or remuneration for a goal. Whereas, intrinsic is one which is associated with our deep inner desires and wishes.

Source of Motivation

I have written this article solely for the purpose of highlighting the need of motivation in achieving success at various examinations, be it the related to academic excellence, co-curricular activities or the general day-to-day life situations.

Anything it may be, all that it requires is a high level of motivation and a vision to pursue and achieve what one truly wants. Every person in his/her life is put into numerous situations which require a lot of motivation in order to be accomplished. There are many competitors for one task and the person who wins always have high level of intrinsic motivation which somehow compels a person to do the needful efforts for achieving the goal.

Steps to Stay Motivated Through the Important Examinations

Identify Goals

Identify Your Interests:

The first thing in this journey is to hit the right stone. In simple words, everything would be useless if the efforts are made at something the person doesn’t really want to achieve or pursue. So, one thing of utmost importance is to identify what you truly want to achieve and then head in the right direction accordingly.


Set your Path:

Once the interest is well recognized the next step is to decide the path which will take you to your goal. In the present scenario, the path is not just one conventional set of orderly things followed since ages, rather it needs to be constantly updated and upgraded with the changing demands. This applies for any sort of examination, now-a-days it’s not just about studying hard rather it’s a blend now of studying HARD and SMART. For appearing at any examination one has to foresee the approach and style of the question paper and then set the path accordingly. Otherwise, it might well be described as releasing an arrow without any direction which has sure shot chances of a bad miss.


Get Ready for Obstacles:

Whatever goal it may be, obstacles and setbacks come attached to it. It is a person’s motivation and perseverance that help one to stick to their defined path irrespective of all the obstacles one has to face. During our preparation for our examinations it so happens a lot many times that we get surrounded by some unexpected situations and demands. It is then our skill of assertiveness makes way for us. One has to set the priority, sideline the obstacles, and make way for our final goal. Though sometimes, it is unavoidable to sideline things and one has to face the obstacles, here the skills of being smart, assertive, disciplined, etc. play a major role. Once you decide and get away with the obstacles then dealing with even more toughest situation would not be a challenge for you. Infact, that would make your journey  more happening and enjoyable, as life without obstacles seems monotonous. It is just our perception that shapes the reality about it, so this is more or less in our command to either live with the obstacles or to get away with them very soon.


Pursue Your Goal with Complete Focus:

No matter what multiple things you are motivated about but things don’t work unless you make efforts and put your complete focus on the thing of your choice. In your path of achieving one goal you might get attracted to several other fascinating goals and things but it is your focus and motivation that will redirect you to your original thing keeping a note of the several other fascinating things that you may touch later. I have often come across people who at times get very desperate about something that they lose track and take some other path but the people who are firm and motivated for one thing will not move even by the strongest storm of their life. It’s all about keeping the right focus, setting the right expectations, using the right motivation and it is done.

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