Nuclear energy is the fourth largest source of electricity in the country after thermal, hydro and renewable sources. The electricity demand in India has increased rapidly, nearly doubled between 1990 and 2011. There is an acute demand for a reliable power supply source. India has five power/electricity grids – Northern, Noerth-eastern, Eastern, Western and Southern. For a growing country like India, as much investment in grid system as in power plants is necessary.

Currently, India has twenty-one nuclear power plants/ reactors with total capacity of 5,780 MW. India now has total capacity to build completely indigenous PHWR (Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors).

The following table gives the details of these nuclear power plants in India along with their host state.

Power station State Type Units Total capacity (MW)
Kaiga Karnataka PHWR(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor) 220 x 4 880
Kakrapar Gujarat PHWR(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor) 220 x 2 440
Madras Tamil Nadu PHWR(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor) 220 x 2 440
Narora Uttar Pradesh PHWR(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor) 220 x 2 440
Rawatbhata Rajasthan PHWR(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor) 100 x 1
200 x 1
220 x 4
Tarapur Maharashtra BWR(Boiling Water Reactor)
PHWR(Pressurised Heavy Water Reactor)
160 x 2
540 x 2
Kudankulam Tamil Nadu VVER-1000 1000 x 1 1000
Total 21 5780

nuclear power plants in india

Nuclear Power Plants in India under Construction:

 Project Name Capacity (MW) Expected operation begins
Kudankulam Atomic Power Project 1 x 1000 Unit 2 – June 2015
Rajasthan Atomic Power Project 2 x 700 Unit 7 – Jun-2016
Unit 8 – Dec-2016
Kakrapar Atomic Power Project 2 x 700 Unit 3 – Jun-2015
Unit 4 – Dec-2015
Madras Atomic Power Project 1 x 470 March 2015

There are few planned projects in final stages of approval:

Power station Operator State Type Units Total capacity (Net MW)
Gorakhpur NPCIL Haryana PHWR 630 x 4 2,800
Chutka NPCIL Madhya Pradesh PHWR 630 x 2 1,260
Mahi Banswara NPCIL Rajasthan PHWR 630 x 2 1,260
Kaiga NPCIL Karnataka PHWR 630 x 2 1,260
Madras NPCIL Tamil Nadu FBR(Fast breeder reactor) 470 x 2 940
Kudankulam Tamil Nadu VVER-1000 917 x 2 1834
Jaitapur Maharashtra EPR 1650 x 6 9900
Kovvada Andhra Pradesh ESBWR 1594 x 6 9564
Mithi Virdi (Viradi) Gujarat AP1000 1100 x 6 6600
Total 33 34498

The first stage programs are undertaken by the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd(NPCIL), while second stage programs are under Bharatiya Nabhikiya Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (Bhavini) for Fast Breeder Reactor.

The Atomic energy from the Nuclear Power Plants is being utilized in following manner by different states.

Nuclear Power Units Electricity Supplied to States
Tarapur Atomic Power Station 1&2, Tarapur, Maharashtra Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Rajasthan Atomic Power Station 1&2, Rawatbhatta, Rajasthan Rajasthan
Madras Atomic Power Station 1&2, Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry.
Narora Atomic Power Station 1&2 Narora, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, J &K, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh
Kakrapar Atomic Power Station 1&2, Kakarapar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Daman & Diu, Gujarat.

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We have given this list of Nuclear Power Plants in India for benefit of aspirants of different exams like NDA, CDS, IAS, etc. Especially the exams conducted by UPSC often have questions about location of different Nuclear plants. This short compilation would help in revision of such details which is missed in regular preparation. Please mention any additions in the comments section below.

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